I started Evil Blue Koala in March 2015, in order to provide original music and sound design for films, teasers, trailers and video games. The two pillars on which this ‘company’ is built are professional sound quality and affordability, grounded in over 10 years of composing experience. Having a history in classical music, jazz, death metal, pop and rock provides the broad pallet needed for the diverse landscape that is the score writing industry.

For sound design, have a gander on my portfolio for examples of previous work.

Evil Blue Koala is a nickname I’ve been carrying around for almost 10 years, therefore using it as my ‘brand’ name seemed like the next logical step. ‘Why not just use your real name?’, you might ask. That’s simple, because more than half of the world’s population can’t possibly pronounce my name right.

I’m currently looking for indie developers and small production companies to collaborate with.

For further information/pricing/booking/hiring: evilbluekoala@gmail.com. My native language is Dutch, my English is pretty good, my French is pretty bad and my German and Spanish are funny, so I kindly ask you to contact me either in Dutch or in English.

Sincerely hoping you like what I do,

Arne Goyvaerts

Antwerp, Belgium


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